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A Program of the Los Angeles Jewish Home Providing Hospice and Palliative Care

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Are You Considering Hospice Care?

Caring for a family member with a life-limiting illness is stressful, but you do not need to face it alone. Skirball Hospice, the only Jewish sponsored hospice in the Greater Los Angeles area, brings comfort care to adults whether in your own home or in the care facility you prefer. We support and assist families and caregivers with compassion and expertise. Our staff members work as an integrated team including physicians, nurses, rabbis, medical social workers, registered dietitians, and certified home health aides. Key features of our hospice team’s skillful, individual attention include:

  • pain and symptom management
  • emotional and spiritual support
  • community resources and financial counseling
  • on-call availability nights and weekends
  • bereavement services for the year following hospice

The last stages of life should be free of unwanted symptoms and live in comfort.

Families have the option to specifically request Skirball Hospice for the compassion and expertise of our dedicated staff. Talk with your medical professional to request Skirball Hospice by name. Most often hospice services are provided at no cost through Medicare or Medi-Cal and most leading insurance plans. If your Medicare coverage is currently assigned to an HMO, you may elect Skirball Hospice as your option for hospice care. You may also continue to see your personal physician.

Referrals to hospice are usually made when any serious condition is believed to be advancing, when medical intervention has reached its maximum benefit or when the individual or family decides to refocus on maintaining comfort and symptom management at home rather than in the hospital. Early recognition of these circumstances best allows our hospice to provide meaningful support to patients and their families.

We do not seek to prolong life beyond its natural course, nor does hospice involvement hasten death in any way. Prognosis is reviewed every 2 to 3 months and hospice discontinues if the condition has stabilized or if a decision is made to pursue curative treatment. Hospice care can always resume at a future time if the need recurs.

We recommend you discuss your needs with your physician or call us anytime at 818.774.3040 to confidentially discuss your situation.


David Wallenstein, MD Ashley Teal, Executive Director
David Wallenstein, MD Ashley Teal
Medical Director Executive Director
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