Skirball Hospice

A Program of the Los Angeles Jewish Home Providing Hospice and Palliative Care

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Fast Facts

  • What is Hospice? — it is a philosophy of care, not a place.
    Hospice is — Caring for the patient and the whole family as a unit with a team approach.
    Our team is — lead by a physician specially trained in hospice and palliative medicine, and includes nurses, social workers, spiritual counselors (Rabbis), and certified home health aids. Together the team coordinates a plan of care to manage pain and symptoms consistent with the goals of care of the patient and family.
  • Hospice care neither hastens death nor prolongs life — we simply allow nature to take her course by making everyone as comfortable as possible in the circumstances.
  • Our service area is West LA and the San Fernando Valley.
  • Each year, our staff of 70 employees cares for over 525 new patients, admitting about 10 patients per week to our service.
  • Median age is just over 85 — 70% of Skirball Hospice patients are female, 30% male.
  • Skirball Hospice patients receive 21,000 visits from various team members, 1/3 of which are nursing visits.
  • We provide over 30,000 days of care — 42% of those in private homes and 58% in facilities — and of those in facilities, 70% are at the Los Angeles Jewish Home campuses.
  • Our current average daily census is between 105 and 115 patients per day.
  • Our current length of service is 63 days (2 months), but the median length of stay is just 16 days.
  • 90% of our patients are covered by medicare (over age 65), 7% commercial insurance, and 3% MediCal. As a not-for-profit agency, no one is ever denied service because of an inability to pay.
  • 30% have a cancer diagnosis, 16% debility, 12% dementia, and 10% heart related.
  • We are open to people of all faiths — 75% Jewish, 10% Catholic, 8% Protestant, 7% other faiths (Buddhist, Hindu, etc.).
  • We served 800 bereaved survivors with 13 months of grief support and counseling.
  • We have over 50 volunteers who last year provided over 1,500 hours of service to our patients and our agency.


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