Skirball Hospice

A Program of the Los Angeles Jewish Home Providing Hospice and Palliative Care

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Skirball Hospice History

Skirball Hospice was founded in 2002 as the Jewish Home Hospice. The leadership of the Los Angeles Jewish Home recognized the value of hospice and palliative care to residents and families of the Home. With a vision of expanding Jewish Home services to the community at large, they took the next step of extending compassionate hospice care to individuals and families throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

With a reputation for high quality and superb service consistent with the values of Jewish faith, the Jewish Home Hospice grew and expanded rapidly.

In 2006, the Skirball Family, known for its philanthropy in greater Los Angeles, recognized the benefits of hospice care and provided a leadership gift to significantly enhance the growth and development of the Jewish Home Hospice.

In recognition of the Skirball Family's support and to honor their gift, the Jewish Home Hospice was renamed Skirball Hospice, a program of the Los Angeles Jewish Home. Currently 40% of Skirball Hospice patients are residents of the Jewish Home and 60% are community residents in the San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles. Skirball Hospice is the only Jewish sponsored hospice in the Greater Los Angeles area.

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