• Dear Skirball Hospice,

    I don’t know how we could have managed without you. At a time when we were completely overwhelmed and out of answers, you literally saved our sanity. Thanks to your expertise and kindness, my dad was able to pass with dignity at home with his family by his side exactly as he wanted. What a wonderful gift you gave us!
    – Greg Ponton, Los Angeles
  • Skirball Hospice was wonderful in every way possible. They provided everything, both tangible and spiritual. The nurses were skillful and friendly, the social workers gave us the support we needed, and the rabbis were personable. Even the delivery of the hospital bed and oxygen were on time and organized. Thank you for a wonderful service during this most stressful time.
    – Susan Alexman, Los Angeles
  • You are one of the finest organizations, and your care, concern, and communication skills were outstanding. I was amazed at the compassion everyone demonstrated toward my father and my family. There were times that felt to me like the professionals from Skirball Hospice were from heaven. You have all made a profound difference in our lives for the better and made the passing of my father a peaceful journey. God bless you all.
    – Jeffrey Silverman, Los Angeles
  • Skirball Hospice was amazing. I cannot say enough good things about the people involved in your organization. I only wish your level of care and compassion were more widely available in the healthcare community. You are wonderful people, and my mother died a calm, painless, and peaceful death. Thank you and best wishes.
    – Amy Wells, Pasadena